How to choose the correct beanie for your baby

How to choose the correct beanie for your baby

Beanies are a great way to keep your baby warm.
There are many different types of beanies for babies - find the one that is best for you. Sweater-like beanies help keep your baby warm without being too constricting on their head.

 Knit caps work well with children who have fine hair or sensitive scalps since they offer less pressure. The classic knit cap is an easy choice because it can be worn in any season and will always look good.

Some people like to use hats made out of wool, which provide warmth and comfort for children with sensitive scalps. Slouchy beanies are meant to be worn down over the ears, not pulled up high around the forehead.

You may want to try a hat that has ear flaps if you live in colder climates where temperatures drop below freezing during the winter months.
 A nice alternative is wearing a knitted scarf wrapped around their head as it provides more coverage than just using a hat alone.

Scarves also come in various colors so you can match them to your child's clothes or personality!